Travel the World with me!

So yesterday was finals day … so i was basically in a hole studying
all day until my last final at 3 .. i think i did pretty well on both of
them though.. i was real nervous for philosophy but it wasnt that bad

When I finished I ran to Carissas room and she wasnt there so I ran down
the hall to Kaits room and Kait and Carissa and Kaits roomate Maria were
there so I ran and jumped on them all and screamed Im done Im done lol
it was fun

Then we spent time getting each other ready for the alumni ball .. I
dont think any of us were wearing our own jewelery shoes or dresses!
Then we went to dinner they transformed the dining hall into being a
beautiful place, we got a free glass of champagne and were allowed 2 
glasses of wine (7 dollars), we got a lot of courses, and it was fabulous.

Then we ran around the ship taking pictures of ourselves. We took one
with the American flag and we all looked sad bc we dont want to go
back!! It was so weird seeing everyone all dressed up when normal ship
attire is sweats! Then we went to the union and it was dance time! The
music was terrible bc the dj got kicked off the ship a while ago so we
had a new kid doing it.. and they pick this night to be the rockiest
night ever bc it was terrible weather (first time we have seen rain) so
everyones in heals and swaying like crazy. So trying to dance was so
funny people just mopve from side to side bc the ship. And the union is
small so i couldnt move anyway. But this had to be one of my favorite
nights on the voyage. Halfway through dancing I just looked at my
friends and realized we all wont ever be here again and that was really
sad but in that moment i was just so happy in my favorite place and my
favorite people! Hey mom remember when u said dont find love this
summer.. well i did and they came in the form of 7 strangers from around
the United States.

Today it is 8 oclock… real time… and I cant sleep because to me it
feels like 11 in the afternoon! It is so sad we have no more time
changes! Today we have to have our stuff packed by 12 noon ato give our
luggage away so me and Danielle are having a packing party. Then me and
my crew plan on staying together all day, staying up all night, watching
the sunset and sunrise, and then watching us pull into boston.

This is probably the last blog Im going to write until I am on American
soil….I am SO unbelieveably sad. I think today is going to be a crying
fest for me, my 7, and the rest of my 400 friends. I know they tell us
that we wont feel the real changes until we get back home, but I
honestly do feel like a different person then I was 63 days ago, a
better, more intelligent, less ignorant, more confident person.


Today was the Global Studies exam so I woke up at 7 .. after going to
bed at an ungodly hour and met Kait in our bat cave (secret hideout)

Then I aced the exam .. whoo.

Then we had boston logistical preport which was so sad but so funny at
the same time because the whole time they made jokes like our green
sheet was just a bunch of joke field labs and the money exchange rate
and everything was on there. Then they read us a thing on what other
countries read for preport about America…. it was hilarious.. its like
terrorist attack is common, when talking to people nod a lot bc its rude
if you dont they think youre not paying attention, and all this crazy
and some true stuff. They also got all serious like were a family on us
… i have wanted to cry at least 5 times today already. They also keep
talking about the adjustment back into the US… they said something
really great 1. people dont care 2. you havent learned anything…yet.
Like you need to be home to realize what you have been through and
learned and people dont care or understand what happened to us. I do
feel like this changed me though, I feel different, better. Everyone is
signing things we bought at the store and me and my 7 are writing ‘plane
letters’ for each other. Its so hard to explain to the girls who have
made my voyage how much i love them! So weird last time I was on
American Soil i didnt even know they existed!

Everyone is packing and we got our luggage tags and have to fill out of
customs forms :( We got certificates that we completed SAS but of
course mine got lost or something so they have to mail it to me! Today
was a bit of a sucky day because finals are tomorrow so everyone is
cramming! I have a 7am final tomorrow bc every class got pushed back
because tomorrow is the alumni ball … tried on my dress today and I
have ate way too many pasta and potatoes and bread and butter… but
thats all i eat on the ship! Everyone is making cute video montages(sp)
of all our photos with songs from the countries (cant wait to introduce
you all to my fave songs from the countries!!) and then of course
whenever we hear the song “boston” we all cry. But I cant make videos
for you guys bc I (unlike everyone else) dont have a mac… so you all
will just have to go through the 10,000 pictures I have instead of the
ones to put in a slide show :)

I have been a very bad studier today … so I should probably get on
that now at 1130. (After 2am this morning we will only be one hour ahead
of ya’ll!!)


Hello all!

So yesterday morning was really sad - my professor Joel is amazing. he
is this cute little old man and gave us his last lecture of not living
with regrets and doing what makes you happy.

Then it was basically an all day lay out and “study” fest - which didnt
help later

But for dinner we did something special and bought cheeseburgers from
the pool bar .. very special. lol

After dinner I had my last reflection group meeting where we wrote a
letter to ourselves that will be mailed to us in a year. My friend
Elana told me she wrote something she wanted to take away from each of
us .. and from me it was my like weirdness craziness happiness funniness
or something like that. Im like dude im not like this at home Im just
happy here lol jk though

After that I was finally going to go study ….until my friends
basically stole me didnt let me go to my room … and we did what we did
best all night. (pictures to follow) We broke the rules.. and didnt get
caught. One time I said in the beginning when Kait was scared on the
ferry to drink ” We havent followed the rules thus far ..why the heck
would we start now” so we say that all the time now. Last night was
hilarious also .. me and kait had to shower with each other because we
had paint all over ourselves (hint) and we were dying shes like “dont
drop the soap babe”

Then it was 11 oclock and we hadnt studied yet…. shit. So then we all
cram studied and made all these crazy ways to remember stuff. It was so
funny me and Kait were talking about how cool it is that we have been to
where Constantinople was and talking in terms of old people and things
we were learning about then we stopped and are like wow we are losers.

After many trips to the snack bar (goodbye insanity work) we finally
went to bed way early in the morning..

walking across a water fallll …. i bet i would be the first to fall in 
the icky water but thankfully i was wrong!

walking across a water fallll …. i bet i would be the first to fall in
the icky water but thankfully i was wrong!

Yay loved the oceanarium!

Yay loved the oceanarium!

Rocio square and the arches of the citayyy

Rocio square and the arches of the citayyy

Being a bad bones bad ass and getting tatted… dont worry im not 
running off to join a motorcycle gang anytime soon… actuallly maybe…

Being a bad bones bad ass and getting tatted… dont worry im not
running off to join a motorcycle gang anytime soon… actuallly maybe…

Idk…. i just like this picture lol were funny aka me im funny

Idk…. i just like this picture lol were funny aka me im funny

The loves of my life

The loves of my life

Idk…. i just like this picture lol were funny aka me im funny

Idk…. i just like this picture lol were funny aka me im funny